In 1968 Ford introduced a vehicle that would turn out to be a very iconic car thanks to the 1970’s show Starsky and Hutch, this vehicle was rebuilt by the same company that supplied the numerous Torino’s for the 2004 Film Starsky Hutch that featured Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. Every detail of this 1970’s classic has been fully restored to its past glory and factory specifications. The 351 cubic inch engine that produces 355 lbs/ft. torque @ 2,600 RPM, has been fully reconditioned including its 3-speed automatic gearbox and diff. The Torino was fully restored back in 2004 and has been garaged ever since and the Torino still looks like it’s just rolled out of the Ford factory showroom.

The Torino was initially an upscale version of the intermediate sized Ford Fairlane, which Ford produced between 1962 and 1970. After 1968, the Fairlane name was retained for the base models with lower levels of trim than those models which wore the Torino name. During this time, the Torino was considered a subseries to the Fairlane. By 1970 the Torino had become the primary name for Ford’s intermediate, The Fairlane was now a subseries of the Torino. In 1971 the Fairlane name was dropped altogether and all Ford intermediates were called Torino. This name was one of several originally proposed for the Mustang while in development. The Torino was essentially a twin to the Mercury Montego line.

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