1970 Chrysler Valiant Special – SOLD

The 1970 VG Stirling Moss Special is a rare classic, one of 100 built, meticulously restored. Exterior patina tells a unique story, rust addressed with welded plates. Full suspension and steering rebuild, steering column refurbished. Engine bay detailed, 245 engine enhanced, Rollmaster double-row timing set, and new components. Transmission system, including new clutch, machined flywheel, and gearbox checked. Interior revamped with new seats, door cards, dashboard, and Bluetooth stereo. Sandblasted V8 rims, LED lights, and H4 halogen headlights. Entire floorpan replaced, rustproofed, and cavity wax applied. Chemtools R88 rust protection for the exterior. Braking system overhauled. This VG Stirling Moss Special delivers a unique, attention-grabbing presence on the road with a blend of history and modern upgrades.

  • All rust has had plates welded in and dressed to suit the patina
  • Suspension and steering fully rebuilt front to rear. This included completely disassembling the steering column to refurbish it
  • Detailed engine bay with many new parts
  • Reco 245 engine. (Not matching numbers)
  • New rings/pistons .060 over
  • Big end bearings .010 under
  • Std main bearings
  • Rollmaster fouble row timing set
  • New valve seals
  • New 265 exhaust valves
  • New camshaft set
  • New tappets
  • Reknurlled crank and rear main seal to ensure no oil leaks
  • Cam end float adjuster
  • The engine was purchased already rebuilt from a deceased estate, sealed with that list attached to it
  • Engine is fitted with 500 holley 2 barrel upgrade. Factory 7 blade flex fan, recored factory radiator (never gets hot)
  • New clutch, machined flywheel and all clutch/shift linkage bushes replaced
  • Very good condition gearbox checked over, all seals including selector shaft, rear seal and gasket.
  • Tailshaft sandblasted and painted, with correct 2 yellow stripes
  • Diff very good second hand unit that has been sandblasted and painted. New axle and pinion seals
  • Led lights front to rear to ensure a yaris driver sees your lights, with the exception of the h4 halogen headlights (plenty bright enough)
  • New interior including seats, door cards, parcel shelf and roof lining carpets, inulation and seatbelts.
  • Dash was sandblasted and painted black, new glovebox liner. Fully working instrument cluster with kmh sticker and led lights
  • New Bluetooth stereo hidden behind the dash, just reach the bottom of the dash to operate. Has hands free calling
  • New windscreen
  • Rubbers replaced as necessary
  • Rear winder mechanisms refurbished
  • New boot carpet, and painted clean black in the boot.
  • Sandblasted 5.5″  V8 rims painted in 2k, with VG Regal hubcaps
  • 185 while wall tyres
  • Everything in this car works, and it is a great car to drive
  • The entire floorpan has been replaced, rustproofed, and painted in body deadener and then painted
  • 4 litres of cavity wax have been applied to this car both in places you can see and in all cavities including rear chassis, front chassis, gearbox crossmember, a pillars, roof cavities, pillars and plenumn (cowl)
  • The exterior is protected by Chemtools R88 rust protection. This will not wipe of, is not sticky, and easy to keep clean
  • Reconditioned master
  • New rear brakes
  • Front brakes good condition removed from a daily to update to later stud pattern
  • ALL brake lines including rubber lines replaced front to rear

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