1929 Ford Model A Tourer – SOLD

Step into a world where classic charm meets cutting-edge performance. We present to you a meticulously restored 1929 Ford Model A, reimagined to capture your heart and ignite your passion for vintage automobiles. This exceptional vehicle is not just an antique; it’s a living testament to the timeless allure of automotive history, carefully enhanced with modern features.

Under the hood, the heart of this beauty beats strong with a powerful 289 V8 engine. With its robust presence, this Ford Model A effortlessly combines heritage with high-performance, delivering an exhilarating driving experience that’s nothing short of spectacular.

The custom interior of this masterpiece will transport you to a bygone era. Crafted with precision, the flame-pattern upholstery is a true work of art, adding a touch of sophistication and nostalgia to every ride. It’s an interior that turns heads and starts conversations.

The eye-catching Candy paint exterior is nothing short of spectacular, glistening in the sun and making a statement wherever you go. This Ford Model A is a head-turner, with a personality that shines as brightly as its paint.

But the beauty of this classic isn’t just skin deep. The 9″ differential, C4 gearbox, coil-over suspension in the rear, and Holden suspension in the front ensure that your driving experience is not only visually stunning but also a smooth and controlled ride. With front disc brakes, you can count on modern stopping power, giving you peace of mind while enjoying the road.

In summary, our 1929 Ford Model A offers a seamless blend of timeless aesthetics and contemporary performance. With a 289 V8 engine, custom flame-pattern interior, Candy paint, 9″ differential, C4 gearbox, coil-over suspension, Holden suspension, and front disc brakes, this Ford Model A is a perfect embodiment of automotive artistry and engineering excellence.

Don’t miss the chance to own this extraordinary piece of automotive history. Embrace the spirit of the past with all the conveniences of the present. Contact us today to make this 1929 Ford Model A yours and let your journey through time begin!

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