1927 Ford HotRod


  • Model: 1927 Ford T27 Roadster
  • Condition: Paint is in immaculate condition
  • Engine: Chevrolet LS1 crate engine
  • Transmission: 2-speed Powerglide transmission
  • Differential: BorgWarner
  • Front Suspension: I-Beam front end
  • Rear Suspension: 4-link coil suspension
  • Steering: Vaga steering box
  • Brakes: HQ front disc brake setup rear drums
  • Gauges: New Autometer gauges
  • Interior: New and in great condition
  • Wheels: Drag Pro wheels
  • Fully mod plated
  • Full Fiberglass body

With its powerful engine, powerglide transmission, and upgraded suspension and steering components, this Hot Rod offers both performance and style. Its pristine interior and overall presentation ensure it will capture attention wherever it’s taken . This Hot Rod is undoubtedly a standout vehicle for enthusiasts seeking a thrilling driving experience.

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